About Me

me and tomato

Thanks for stopping by. I’m a senior level business development/marketing professional by day, and a lover of food, music fan, art aficionado, digital nerd, and oenophile by night. I also hang out with my husband and my furry friend @LeviShiba.

My blog is called Built with Purpose because we all have a purpose in life. To serve others, to serve ourselves, and to enjoy the navigation of life the best that we can every day. Some people understand their purpose early on, while others have to fall a few times to find it. The purpose doesn’t have to be one thing, but it does have to define you as your own unique self.

My purpose is simple: love first – from my loved ones that I cherish, to wild laughter, as well as enriching my senses – smells, tastes, sight … I guess that is why I became a marketer. My purpose is also in helping others in a variety of ways. I give to give simply because it makes me feel good to help others.

All of that is what i get up in the morning to do. Love, enjoy, and help. Pretty simple.

The purpose of this blog is to incorporate all of the above told through food, to introduce you to something that you may not have heard about or to remind you to go back to a food, or wine adventure that you have long forgotten. I also like a challenge. Who in sales doesn’t, right? And maybe through all of this, you may even giggle from time to time [at me or otherwise :-)].

I enjoy food, a lot. A cupcake or 2 on the regular is ok, right? I eat some healthy stuff, too. In fact, I think about, dream about, and plot out my food adventures so much so that some might refer to me as a #foodie. Label or not, you will often find me at a local farmers market, grocery/speciality store, restaurant or wiping up a new dish in my kitchen weekly. When I travel anywhere for any reason, I will always have the local grocery store on my list of things to do. It excites me to a level that I would only akin to a child visiting Disney World. Since a fairly early age (I grew up in an Italian family, what?) – I have developed a fairly wide pallette for wine. Some might call me a #Oenophile. Another label, right? When I’m not gorging in food and wine, I also enjoy comedy. I will most likely always be an easy and captive audience if you’re even remotely funny. Sarcasm is my friend but often can get me into trouble. Oops. Not funny.

Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to message me . I enjoy networking with people from all walks of life from across the globe. i help food businesses – restaurants, chefs, chocolatiers, food product makers, etc with marketing strategy and consultancy. Please let me know how I can help your business in the areas of social media marketing/management/strategy, as well as other digital and traditional media. Also, if you’d like to contribute to these challenges, please fill out the form below. 


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