FOOD PASSION CHALLENGE: DAY 3 Mom Baking Her Way Into Her Kids Hearts


We all know them; you know those mom’s or dad’s who stay at home to raise their children. You secretly admire them as they are 100% focused on the success of their kids whilst their life partner punches a clock to earn the donuts to make it all happen.  On social media, you get a glimpse into their day-to-day, but do you really know what drives these individuals beyond just being glorified chauffeurs to dance classes and doing after school homework with their kiddos? 

I have uncovered a passion recently brought out by one of my friends who fits the above bill. We’ve been in each others orbit for around a decade as her husband and mine both worked together at an agency doing digital design and development, respectively. That circle has a lot of creativity as you can imagine, but I never knew about her love of baking and confections to the level that it’s at until this past couple of months. Over the past week, we have seen all kinds of exciting treats for her kids from graduation confections, cake pops, icecreamsundaecakepops2to fun chocolate covered and well decorated Oreos. 

These types of posts excite me wayyyyyyy more than “I took my kid to Menchies today.” Each post gets more and more sophisticated and you can feel the passion put into each treat made that time. This is not a person who started an online business, a food truck, or even sells their goodies at local farmer’s markets. This is a woman who does it strictly for the sheer pleasure of her children and their extended network to enjoy. The expense of her time and the materials to make the goodies is all on her own and she does it for the sheer love of not only her kids but also her newly found passion for baking and creating confections. She can showcase her artistic side, have something that only belongs to her in the process of making them, and then opens her creativity for her world to enjoy with her. You have to love that!!! NO commerce here folks, just straight up love and passion.

Chocolate Cupcake Cups

For this, I credit Gina Corliss for bringing her passion into my world and giving me moments of joy while reading her posts. You inspire me with every confection, and I support all of your future success with bringing happiness into your circle with these tiny little colorful sweet treats. IMG_3395 


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