FOOD PASSION CHALLENGE: DAY 2 Woman in Church Group Passionate About Mangoes

Nothing quite signifies that school is out and summer is officially here like a bunch of ripe mangoes available at your disposal to enjoy. In South Florida, we are completely submerged in Mangoesmango tree heaven. There are so many that fall from the trees that you don’t actually mind when your neighbors steal them. People sell them road side, give them away to whomever will take a bag, and eat them like they are falling from the trees. The question is always what else can be done with thi
s fantastically sweet and soft goodness. 

This week I had the pleasure of tasting a vegan mango cake worthy of awards that was made by a woman in Miami that wanted to treat her Church group. She’s an office clerk who comes from Cuban decent and always loved mangoes growing up as a child. She’s not vegan, but claims that “the mangoes have so much moisture and texture already that eggs are not necessary.” She dresses the cake with an icing that just adds that extra sweetness you’d think you spent fine dining money to enjoy it.

She’s not only passionate about food, but also about using local ingredients in her cooking – whether it’s baking or savory food. The mangoes came straight from her backyard tree. She has a garden filled with herbs and vegetables that she pulls from to prepare daily meals. None of the food is for sale. It’s all for her, her family, her organizations like church, and neighbors to enjoy because it’s about community for her.  The abundance of good sunshine in South Florida allows her to enjoy good food cooked at home with love.


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