Food Passion Challenge: Day 1 Lady in Target Passionate about Lindt Chocolate

It’s been awhile since our last challenge and today marks day one of a brand new adventure where we scout the local area in South Florida to find people passionate about food.

People passionate about food are everywhere, and easy to find, so this shouldn’t be too much of a challenge other than the fact that the main ingredient here is that they have to come forward all on their own. They aren’t food critics, self professed #Foodies, or aren’t working in the food business. Instead, they are everyday people, doing everyday things. I suspect that this will enable us to view a profile of people Built With Purpose from all walks of life in various situations that aren’t always related to food…

And so the adventure begins.


Yesterday, while checking out at Target in Sunrise, FL, we found our first participant! The cashier woman checking me out during a morning visit picking up various items from tupperware to doggie goodies with no food items came out of nowhere. The conversation about the food she was passionate about was very random and was brought up in a very organic way. Let’s investigate this further…

I bring my own bags [+1 for being considerate to the environment] and under one of the bags I was packing up was a bar of Toblerone with salted almonds. It was one that I hadn’t seen before, and I jokingly told her that it wasn’t mine but that I’d happily take it home. This opened up a bigger conversation about a recent chocolate bar she indulged in earlier in the week while walking around the Sawgrass Mall. She popped into the Lindt Store after her shift at Target and happened upon a chocolate she hadn’t seen in the ‘regular stores’ (her words). lindt_almond_white_9
 It was a white chocolate bar with almonds throughout. “Every single bite of chocolate had a piece of almond unlike regular chocolate bars where they are few and far between.” She talked about this chocolate bar the entire rest of our check out together as if it was some sacred healing discovery that only can be found in the outer reaches of the Himalayas. The excitement for this lil slice of awesomeness had her smiling, and selling me this chocolate for a good solid 5-10 minutes to which point I was ready to visit Lindt that very day. The woman explained that she was planning on only eating a few bites like she does with most chocolate but found herself walking throughout the mall eating the entire thing til it was finished. She was amazed and delighted. Her passion was infectious. I was done with the conversation well before it actually ended but I kept it going because I enjoyed the enthusiasm.

Food binds us together. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you are doing. It doesn’t matter what your native language is or where you came from. Get someone talking about a food that they covet and you are both in the arena together basking in the glory that is that shared passion.

I left truly inspired and 10x’s happier than before this all happened. We were connected, we were joyed, and we were both in a much more jovial mood from that experience. I look forward to finding more of these experiences over the upcoming weeks. Where and how? I don’t know but they will be there and we’ll be sharing them here for you all to enjoy!

Leave your comments below to tell us what you think of this experience. We love your feedback.


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