4th of July Rice Crispy Treat Pops

rice crispy cake pops

All week, I have been perusing the internet with all of the fun treats that the 4th of July has to offer. I looked at drinks, ice pops, cakes shaped as flags, and yesterday finally decided on Rice Crispy Treat Pops drizzled in white chocolate and coated in festive, color appropriate sprinkles. This decision was based on a couple of main reasons:

1. They are quick and easy to make. I wasn’t in the mood for a large project, but I did want to make something.

2. Cute was on the menu. I really wanted something that was cute.

3. Rice Crispy treats are universal. I haven’t really met too many people in the world that don’t like the treat. This would make it easy to share with my neighbors and their kids. Plus my husband and I can have a treat for the holiday!

I modified the recipe I found online at http://www.ricekrispies.com/recipes/rice-krispies-treats-on-a-stick because I like my treats to be way gooier with marshmallows.

Melt 6 Tbl butter in medium pan on low(isn) heat. Melt 6 cups small marshmallows with butter. Take off heat and add 5-6 cups Rice Crispy Treats. Greese hands and roll rice crispy mix onto balls around 2 inches round. Add a stick and drizzle melted white chocolate and sprinkle with sprinkles. Place atop small cupcake liners and place in fridge to cool chocolate. Makes around 18 pops.

Side note: I tried 2 different kinds of sticks and I can tell you the thicker ones were the more solid choice for this treat.

Enjoy, ‘Merica.


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