Day #7 – 7-Day Sandwich Challenge – Ice Cream Sandwich

Source: Churro Borough Instagram:
Source: Churro Borough Instagram:


Our sandwich challenge winds down today with something a little ‘sweeter’ and less savory than our past features. The churro ice cream sandwich hit the social waves like a storm when a spotlight was shown on pop up Churro Borough out of LA and this is one trend that has me excited for a variety of reasons.

The concept of incorporating 2 of my favorite topics – street art and street food and merging them together to make a tasty ‘sandwich’ treat had me upon first glance. Now some of you might argue that this is more of a dessert than a meal, and I’m not going to argue the point that this is not going to give you the nutrition you need to get through the day, however it is a great treat for any hot summer, and well it is technically a sandwich so it made it to the list!

So what exactly is the churro ice cream sandwich you wonder? Well, it’s just like the name implies.

The definition of Churro according to the Oxford Dictionary is a latin American snack consisting of a strip of fried dough, very similar to funnel cake.

Source: Churro Borrough Explore Gallery
Source: Churro Borrough Explore Gallery

Instead of making them into long strips, chef Sylvia Yoo pipes the dough into round shapes reminiscent of the cinnamon roll to make the outside of the sandwich. The inside is not as vanilla as you might expect as she incorporates such inventive styles and concepts that you will be wowed with the inside as much as you are with the outside. The flavors change based upon the day or season and you can find anything from blueberry, black sesame, creme fraiche (always think of South Park here, I can’t help it) to orange creamsicle, strawberry buttercream, or peach cobbler to name a few.


Since I am geographically lucky enough to live in South Florida, I welcome this trend and I look forward to someone like Azucar Ice Cream Company in Little Havana in Miami, FL to come up with their own take on this amazing summer treat.


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