Day #4 & 5 – 7-Day Sandwich Challenge – Southwest Breakfast Sandwich

Today will be a double feature since yesterday’s post never went out, and the focus will be on 2 different breakfast sandwiches I’ve found along the way from 2 of my favorite cities – New York and Chicago. They are both very similar in that they have the southwestern style but with 2 separate spins completely.

When I lived in NYC, I was introduced to a little slice of country nestled right in the heart of the city in Gramercy Park called Friend of a Farmer. I used to bring everyone here when they would come into town as it’s such a quaint little place, and the food is a hearty way to start out a long day of walking around exploring the city. They have a southwestern breakfast burrito which if you know me at all, you know that I love tobasco and salsa with my eggs. I’m not a big hot sauce fan to begin with because it typically alters the taste of the dish but since I don’t love eggs, it works well to mask some of what I don’t like about the taste. In between a burrito, they have scrambled eggs, guacamole, sour cream and cheese, with a side of salsa and potatoes. I don’t know if I like this burrito so much more because of the ambiance, the fact that it’s served in a cast iron pan, or that they serve a delish homemade salsa with it. Either way, this one is special!

The second breakfast sandwich was recently discovered last summer in Chicago at a chain cafe called Corner Bakery Cafe. For those of you that have never visited one of these places, it’s sorta like Panera Bread but better by a long shot. There they offer a variety of breakfast and lunch items, and some sandwiches on the lighter side like the Avocado and Spinach Power Panini Thin. photoIt has scrambled eggs, cheese, avocado, salsa and I douse it with tobasco. You can easily take this to go and eat it on the train, bus, or while walking to your office. It’s not too much when you’re in the middle of a work week, and it’s just enough to give you that boost of energy to get on with your morning.


Happy Friday, and hope you enjoy your own versions of the southwestern breakfast sandwiches this weekend ahead.



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