Day #2 – 7-Day Sandwich Challenge – The Ramen Noodle Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Holy cow, I’ve hit the holy grail of all sandwiches, and you have to try it! I have forever had an intimate relationship with ramen noodles. It started just like most with the college budget and my love of all things noodle, but it has survived the test of time and over time has evolved into a more expanded use. From restaurant ordering at Korean or Japanese restaurants to reinventing dishes at home, the ramen can swiftly move from low budget to high society. Everyone from the starving college student to the most refined chef are incorporating it into meals.

We’ve all seen the ramen burger by now. It should make perfect sense to me because I love both ramen and burgers. But the texture, the consistency, just everything really is wrong about that combination – thumbs down indeed and do over. We’ve also seen the ramen inserted in between bread with a whole host of accompaniments. Let’s face it – bread with ramen – No and No. Any questions? I didn’t think so.


Photo taken from Dude Foods

It wasn’t until recently when Dude Foods posted the Ramen Noodle Grilled Cheese Sandwich that the skies opened up for me in this genre. WHAT!? Are you kidding me? This thing is ridiculous. The ramen is the bread and the cheese inside melts in-between the noodles soaking it all in. This just makes perfect sense texturally and the taste well it’s not your typical grilled cheese but it is a fine sandwich on it’s own right. Will it be on my weekly shuffle? Not exactly, but I will do it again. And probably again after that.

This sandwich had to make the list, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


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