Day #1 – 7-Day Sandwich Challenge – Leftover Chicken Sandwich

In America, we love our sandwiches. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack, there are no boundaries with what we will sink our teeth into regarding this genre. We have certain expectations, and they must be met in order to qualify as a sandwich we will pay top dollar for. The bread must be fresh, the meat and veggies plentiful, and the exact right amount of condiment to complete the package.

Or we can make our own at home. Which is what I do, a lot. Today we are going to feature a sandwich that has become a favorite of mine, and was conceptualized based upon what I had readily available to throw in my bag to bring to the office that day. It turned out so well, and fit into our weekly routine that it became a staple. There is nothing here out of the ordinary, it’s just a simply made sandwich done well.

Side note: There has been a running joke about my sandwich making skills at the office because I always bring the ingredients and then I assemble them at lunchtime when I’m ready to eat. This comes from my days in school where I would always eat everything but my sandwich and trade it for something better from a friend nearby. I never liked the taste of a sandwich sitting in between bread soaking up all of the condiments, meat and cheese so there ya go! I am a little bit of a sandwich snob! And have always been.

Almost every week, we have chicken tacos. Taco Monday, Taco Tuesday, every day is good for taco day. I love them, they are easy to make, and we usually have left over chicken from it. Today we feature the Leftover Chicken Sandwich. I didn’t invent this – just merely showcasing what can be done with existing leftovers outside of their original purpose.

Chicken Preparation:
Add chipotle or mexican chili spices, olive oil, salt, pepper and fresh lime juice in the chicken marinade. Sometimes fresh chopped cilantro, too. The chicken breasts cook on the George Forman Grill as directed and then we chop the chicken up into really small pieces (not chunks). Of course, you could substitute this out for shrimp, beef, fish, etc.

The Rest of the Sandwich Preparation:
You can use whatever bread you have on hand or prefer. I like the multi-grain bread thinly sliced from my local grocer (Publix) but whatever’s cleaver. I’ll usually buy a loaf and freeze it, only to take out the pieces I need for the day (by lunch they will be defrosted!). I top the bread with the chopped up chicken, and add shredded cheese (I use the four cheese blend from Publix – really any type of colby/cheddar shredded cheese would be fine). I chop up some fresh avocado (I use Hass), and lastly finish it off with some baby spinach. I don’t actually use any sort of condiment here as the avocado more than suffices for adding a creamier texture to balance out the dryness of the rest of the sandwich. I would imagine a chipotle mayo being a good addition if you must!

Once assembled, I cut it in 1/2 and it feels as if a food truck camped out in front of the office and delivered a freshly made sandwich to me at that moment!~

Reinventing leftovers with items already available in my kitchen allows me to save time and money, but still enjoy a lunch that feels like something people pay top dollar for made by someone else. Hope you enjoy!


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