Day #9 – 10-Day Unique Food Snack Challenge – Burger Rings

Day #9 – 10-Day Unique Food Snack Challenge – Burger Rings

My very first trip to the UK grocery store a decade ago first opened my eyes to the fact that outside of America, cultures really like to have fun with their chip or crisp flavors. Sure, we in America have sriracha flavored this or jalapeño flavored that chip, but these flavors pale in comparison with what other cultures deem ‘inventive and creative’ flavored crisps.

Today, we travel to Australia to feature the Burger Rings. Just like the name implies, these snacks pack a flavor reminiscent of yes you guessed it, a hamburger. Locally, these are a treat or snack that is as regular as eating Funyuns in America. Feeling a little hungover, or in need or a hearty mid-afternoon snack, the Burger Rings could be the answer!burgerringz

Now the question remains, where on earth can I get ahold of these bizzarro treats in America? Or do I have to travel to Australia or New Zealand to sink my teeth into this burger flavored wrongness? I mean, after all, the company that owns them is PepsiCo – couldn’t they at least test market these in a country that embraces the hamburger as one of it’s national dishes?

Leave a comment if you know, as the verdict is still out. Otherwise, I might have to dust off my passport and add this to my bucket list!

Origin: Australia

Good For:  when you can’t find a burger, mid-afternoon snack, hungover





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