Day #4 – 10-Day Unique Food Snack Challenge – Kimchi Pancakes

Mondays are amazing days. What a blanket statement, I know. Some might refer to this day as the best day of the week, whereby others might be dreaming of sailing on their boats with a cold beverage in hand dreading the list of things to accomplish during their ‘long week ahead.’

To me, Monday has become a day of optimism. What will this week bring? And what do I need to do to get there? On this particular Monday, there is smoke filling the air outside, our cars covered in ash and debris, and a grey covering the skies. It’s not your typical start to a South Florida day especially during the beginning of June, but we live near the swamp (err Everglades), and lightening apparently struck. During this kind of dramatic ambiance, I think of soup. When I think of soup, I turn to 1 of 2 directions: 1. spicy Korean kimchi ramen OR 2. Pho. Yum, Kimchi – that beautiful spicy napa cabbage. We started our love affair in 2000 when a coworker in NYC introduced me to K-town, or Koreatown, where we sang karaoke with bottle service at a place upstairs that led to a dingy looking dark supper club. What is this culture, and how do I get more of it?! Little did I know at the time that within months, I would be calling this around-about area my home for the next 4 years.

Today, I am always pleased to see Kimchi popping up across various menus. The first time I visited Michael’s Genuine in Miami, FL, Michael Schwartz had me at spicy grilled beef salad with kimchi. They also offer kimchi as a side dish. For those of you reading this from out of the area, Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink is not an asian restaurant. Michael Schwartz is a South Florida don in the culinary community, James Beard award-winning chef, and his menu is all about seasonal, quality, and being inventive to wow the guest. And he does it really well.

Today, we are going to feature a make-at-home Kimchi Pancake. Luckily, there are many asian markets nearby so I can pick up some ready-made kimchi. You can always make it from scratch if you have the extra time. The Kimchi pancake recipe that I found to be the best is taken from Maangchi’s blog. You can view her video directly on her site for step-by-step directions. It’s quick and easy snack to prepare. When you’re starting your week off filled with optimism like I am, you can have enough left over as a snack for the next day too for terrible Tuesday! ha.

Kimchi, onion, salt, sugar, flour, vegetable oil.


  1. In a bowl, place 1 cup of chopped kimchi, 3 tbs of kimchi juice, 2 tbs chopped onion, ½ ts salt, ½ ts sugar, ½ cup flour (all purpose flour or you can substitute gluten-free flour), and ¼ cup of water and mix it well with a spoon.
  2. Heat up a 12 inch non-stick pan over medium high heat and drizzle about 2 tbs grape seed oil.
  3. Place the mixture of kimchi pancake batter on the pan and spread it thinly and evenly with a spoon. It should take up the entire 12 in. non-stick pan.
  4. Cook it for 1-1 ½ minutes until the bottom gets golden brown and crispy.
  5. Turn it over with a spatula or flip it.
  6. Lower the heat to medium and cook for another 1½ minutes.
  7. Turn it over one more time and cook for 30 seconds before transfering it to a serving plate.
    *tip: Serve it right out of the pan or cool it down and cut it into bite size to serve.
Photo taken from

Origin: Korea

Good For:  People ok with high sodium intake, Spicy food addicts, cabbage lovers

Available: make-at-home. Kimchi can be sold separately in Asian Markets

Local to South Florida? You can find Kimchi at Oriental Mart in Lauderhill, FL.


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