Day #1 – 10-Day Unique Food Snack Challenge – Dried Fish w/ Peanut Snack

Today we embark on a brand new 10-day challenge. I had a lot of fun with the strawberry sweets and received a lot of positive feedback (thanks for the encouragement, friends!). We are going in a little different direction with this challenge by identifying fun food snacks that you may or may not have heard of before. The goal is to not be obscure for obscurity’s sake, but to showcase some snacks that shouldn’t make sense but actually do. Let’s call this a food mind expansion, or for even more fun – explosion.


Today’s feature is on the dried fish (or silver anchovies) with peanut snack. Admission time: I have not actually tried this snack, however I did find it at my local Asian market, and knew this had to make an entry.  Anchovies have hit the trend radar as of recent years in America, and is well known to be a good source of calcium. This is particularly good for pescaterians, or lactose intolerant women. I’m neither but still think this might make a tasty snack on occasion regardless. They are a regular staple across noodle and dumpling shops across Taiwan, and can see these making a big slash in America with more visibility.

These savory, salty snacks would be a perfect accompaniment to beer on a lazy Saturday afternoon after cutting the grass, taking the kids to soccer practice, or when you just want something a little different. Hope you enjoy, and let me know if you give them a try.


Origin: Taiwan

Translation: .小魚乾花生!

Available: Asian Markets, Online

Local to South Florida? You can find them at PK Oriental Market in Sunrise, Pembroke Pines, or Miami.






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