Day #8 – 10-Day Strawberry Delight Challenge – Strawberry Cheesecake CakePops

Day #8 – 10-Day Strawberry Delight Challenge
Picture taken from Betty Crocker

Cake pops are all the rage these days. For generations, treats attached to a stick have been a brilliant way to give a kid, or a group of kids sweets.

Today we are featuring the strawberry cheesecake cake pop. My recipe was adapted from Betty Crocker, along with some tips from the SugarKissed blog to help keep the cake from falling off the stick. I don’t actually use the Betty Crocker pre made cake recipe, but instead a white cake recipe (just egg whites). When done correctly, these tiny little balls on a stick pack such a sweet and balanced flavor and because of the presentation, you feel like you are spoiling yourself without gorging yourself.

They are not only great for kids, but also an excellent addition to bridal/baby showers, celebrating a special occasion or even to just to put a smile on a friends face.

If you don’t feel like getting sugar and melted chocolate all over your hands, you can always order some of these great delights by a local baker. Locally in South Florida, Candy’s Cake Pops in Boca Raton, FL are accepting online orders & I wonder if Candy delivers them herself?!? (did you see how hot she is!?). Strawberries, sugar, delights, oh my! Enjoy, and I’ll see you tomorrow for more strawberry goodness.


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