Day #5 – 10-Day Strawberry Delight Challenge – Strawberry French Macarons

Day #5 – 10-Day Strawberry Delight Challenge

French strawberry macarons are so sexy and smooth; they absolutely had to make the list. I’ll admit that I still haven’t mastered them as these little delights are very particular. One error in execution can leave you with a ton of fails. Admittedly, I did get ‘somewhat’ of a good achievement on the second try, and it did get even better on the third, so it does come down to practice and being precise. Execution, execution, execution!

There are recipes everywhere on the net, and you will have to somewhat adapt yours to what filling you want mixed with the cookie flavor. Some personal favorites are strawberry (of course), vanilla cheesecake filling or chocolate filling.

Homemade Strawberry Macarons w/Strawberry Cream Filling
Homemade Strawberry Macarons w/Strawberry Cream Filling

Here’s a photo of my 2nd try at making strawberry macarons filled with a strawberry cream filling. As you can see, I have work ahead of me on smoothing out the cookies but the taste was sooooo sooooo good! They make a good dinner party addition when bringing that little something for the party. How many of your friends would actually bring french macarons homemade? The answer is no one so you will add something completely unique to the party, and it’s guaranteed to   be the hit!  Even though my shells cracked the most important part to the cookie making is to making sure that you achieve the ‘feet.’ Yeah weird word for something related to dessert.

Feet and dessert? Ok yeah that does seem very wrong but I can assure you they are so right! Enjoy.

PS if you are in a pinch, and still want to show up to that dinner party with something really exciting for dessert, you can choose from a local bake shop and they can pretty up your entry for you. Illegal Bakery in Miami, FL can help you with this.


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